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My name is Katie. I am entering college in the Fall. I am a Christ follower, and my posts tend to be about God, animals, science, health, philosophy and art. I also use this as a journal. I also post essays and fiction that I write, and would appreciate feedback. Basically, everything. Feel free to follow and spread.

"I vow to rest more, recreate margins, schedule more me time, and give my relationship with God my first instead of my last 10%. Who said I can’t make a late October resolution? Why wait when I can act now?"
Katie French’s recommitment to rest!
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Hands stretched wide: journaling on grace, faith and carefree livin’

Okay, I should be doing some studying, but I also should have been blogging a lot more the last month. I want to talk briefly about what God is teaching me in my life. You might get something out of it, or enjoy hearing it. One thing I am learning is to live with hands stretched open. This means being able to receive blessings, but also being able to give things away. Not having such a tight grip that I can’t let God put something unexpected but better in my hands. I’ve been learning to submit a lot lately, I would say. I realize that when I stop and think about it, I want what God wants for me, more than what I want for me. I believe his ways are higher than mine. I believe that he is perfect. I don’t think he’s going to make a mistake about me and my life. I think that God knows what he is doing.

And it’s liberating, living with your hands open. He can give and take away whatever he wills. I am able to have my hands open because I trust his will and his character. I am learning to not be so controlling over my life. Gotta say, doing that is weird- it makes me feel a little confused and little out of control- throwing your hands up and letting God direct is really unorthodox. I don’t mean that we shouldn’t be active and live God’s general will (commands set out in the bible, etc) but I do think that God desires specific things for us throughout our lives and I think that submission allows us to see that. I think submission is a beautiful, counteractively carefree action! When I submit to God, I am able to enjoy the ride instead of being some anxiety-ridden plan maker who has to know the whole path.

When the Word says that God’s word is lamp unto my path, if you think about it in context, such lamps only give us a view of the next step- two if we are lucky. In the bible, God makes his will known often only moments before we act on it- Abraham only sees the next step in front of him often, with little clue of HOW he will accomplish the purpose or desire God has placed in him.  And it’s not like God is some sick puppet master who likes seeing us be confused- but we find the Lord when we are seeking, and we often seek him when we can’t see.

Faith isn’t being blind but it is being trusting when you can’t see the entire road. I pray for God to deepen my faith all of the time- I pray that God would help me, and us, with our unbelief. I pray that I would be so focused on Jesus that temptations and daily circumstances would fade in my life as I run towards Jesus. I pray that I would make him Lord over my life in a daily surrender. I’m not perfect, and my faith in Jesus isn’t either. But when push comes to shove, I look at my life and see Jesus at every dead end, trial, and triumph. I feel like some people think my life is perfect, and it isn’t- but my God is, and I rejoice in his finished work. I believe that nothing can separate me from the love of God (shout out to Romans 8) and I know that Jesus holds my hand and steadies my heart when I am aflutter. I trip and get tripped up but he helps me back up.

When you have your hand open to God, he can take it. He can lead you. Sometimes I close my hand, and it doesn’t work out so well for me. Ever! But following God has NEVER lead me astray. It has NEVER cost me anything. Every ‘cost’ is paid back ten-fold over in some manner, on earth or in Heaven. Jesus is good to me. He’s good to you. Open your hands. 

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Shark swallowed whole by another sharkScientists were attempting to catch and tag the smaller dogfish when it became a snack for a sand tiger shark.


Shark swallowed whole by another shark
Scientists were attempting to catch and tag the smaller dogfish when it became a snack for a sand tiger shark.

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Haven’t heard this song in SO LONG!

Haven’t heard this song in SO LONG!

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15 recipes for zucchiniWith the zucchini season still in full swing, these recipes will keep your zucchini dishes varied and delicious.


15 recipes for zucchini
With the zucchini season still in full swing, these recipes will keep your zucchini dishes varied and delicious.

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